Happy birthday to Shaq who is 42 today, Beanie Sigel who is 40, Bubba Sparxxx who is 37 today, and Tyler The Creator who is 23 today.



Michael Vick Not Coming Back - The Philadelphia Eagles will not be bringing back Michael Vick, according to league and team sources. The Eagles are going in a different direction with the backup quarterback spot, and are not interested in retaining Vick, sources said. Nick Foles is their starter and they will explore other veterans to help man the position. Sources say The Jets, Raiders and other teams are monitoring Vick.



First Week Sale Projections For Rick Ross And Pharrell - Both Rick Ross and Pharrell dropped albums this week and the first week projections are in.  WTF the weeks not even over. Ross’ sixth album, Mastermind, is expected to take over Schoolboy Q’s number one spot with between 145K and 160K copies sold. Oscar nominee Pharrell’s album G I R L is expected to move between 85K and 95K units putting it up against the soundtrack of Disney’s Frozen for the number 2 spot.



Facebook To Crack Down On Ilegal Gun Posts - Since Craigslist and Ebay banned the sale of firearms on their sites, people have been using Facebook as a way to sell weapons online illegally. 

Facebook announced yesterday that it will delete posts from people selling illegal guns or offering weapons for sale without background checks. A similar policy will apply to Instagram, which Facebook owns. The move came after Facebook came under pressure from New York Attorney Generaland gun-control groups. The attorney general’s office had gathered evidence that some Facebook posters were willing to sell guns without background checks or to otherwise violate the sales rules of states with tougher gun laws. Facebook will rely on users to “tip” them off about the sale of guns and will send educational material to an attempted seller the next time they sign on. You can still sell guns through Facebook and Instagram, you just have to use "the ship it to a gun store, get a background check" method. Any administrators of pages that promote the sale of guns will be required to put the educational information in the “about” section of the page. Some are against the new policy changes calling it a denial of freedom of speech while others are happy that those who shouldn’t be getting guns illegally won’t be able to get them through Facbeook.



NJ Teens Sues Parents - New Jersey teen, Rachel Canning, is suing her own parents. She is “accusing” them of throwing her out of the family home when she turned 18 and refusing to pay the outstanding balance on her private high school education and her college education. She is asking the courts to force them to pay off the education bills, pay her living/ transportation costs for the “foreseeable” future, pay her college tuition and her legal fees. The hearing that took place and denied the girl the high school tuition and current living expenses while another hearing in April will rule on the college and legal costs.

Canning’s parents say that Rachel made the choice to leave the home because she didn’t want to abide by their rules. Other versions of the story paint the parents as abusive and even more paint Rachel as a student who got suspended from school, missed curfew and had a wreckless boyfriend. 


DC Council Votes To Ease Marijuana Laws - Lawmakers in DC voted to significantly ease the marijuana laws in the city. This is the nations capital so this may eventually influence other states. They almost unanimously voted to decrease the penalties for public and private use of marijuana as well as possession of weed. Possession of an ounce of marijuana has gone from a criminal offense with jail time and a fine of $1000 to a civil offense with a $25 fine. Smoking in public has gone from a $1000 fine to a $500 fine or 60 days in jail. The changes have put Washington, DC among the states with the most lenient marijuana laws in the nation.



Offensive Newspaper Headlines For 12 Years A Slave - Someone at a Central Illinois newspaper has some explaining to do after an offensive headline about Oscar winning film ‘12 Years A Slave’ was printed. The News-Gazette thought it would be a clever idea to make light of slavery with this headline: ‘12 Years A Slave Escapes With Top Oscar’. Needless to say, the internet was not amused. Another headline for a newspaper named the Daily Breeze titled their headline “Slave becomes master.” Just disrespectful.




Changes To SATs - Yesterday College Board announced that it will be making major changes to the SAT that will help to close the socioeconomic gap for those who aspire to go to college. One of those changes include free application waivers for low income students- this alone will allow more student access to the test, as well as free test prep materials to help these students prepare. College Board’s president David Coleman said, “What this country needs is not more tests, but more opportunities…The real news today is not just the redesigned SAT, but the College Board's renewed commitment to delivering opportunity.”



The changes to the test itself include:


·       The exam will return to the 1600 scale. The exam has been scored on a 2400 scale since the last overhaul in 2005.

·       The essay section — added to the test in the 2005 upgrade — will now be optional and graded separately from the rest of the exam.

·       Administrators will make the test available in both print and digital forms.

·      The College Board won't deduct points for incorrect answers, a penalty that some critics have said discourages guessing. Students will now simply earn points for the answers they answer correctly.

·       Words used in the reading and writing sections "will no longer be vocabulary students may not have heard before and are likely not to hear again," according to a news release. Instead, the exam will "focus on words that students will use consistently in college and beyond."


The changes are expected debut in the spring of 2016.


Chipotle Might Cut Guacamole - Chipotle is hinting that guacamole could be off the menu soon. The company said, “Increasing weather volatility or other long-term changes in global weather patterns, including any changes associated with global climate change, could have a significant impact on the price or availability of some of our ingredients…Alternatively, in the event of cost increases with respect to one or more of our raw ingredients, we may choose to temporarily suspend serving menu items, such as guacamole or one or more of our salsas, rather than paying the increased cost for the ingredients.” Basically, avocados and/or tomatoes could become too expensive because of the increase in temperature and us continually advancing global warming by polluting the planet. The communications director for Chipotle stepped in to try to ease some burrito lover fears but saying that filling  is routine “risk factor” disclosure and that the chain is just thorough in detailing any and all potential risks. He said that there was a similar problem back in 2011 when prices for avocados specifically rose, but guacamole was still served in the restaurants. 



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