Tis the time for your exit...AGAIN Meeka. Reports indicate that Meeka Claxton and her husband Craig "Speedy" Claxton will be getting a divorce. Now this is what I do not understand, how in the world do you get mad when the blogs talk about your life when you post everything on social media? Meeka posted the news on Pynk Magazine's Instagram that stated a long behind way of saying that her and Speedy were calling it quits. In the "news bulletin" length comment, Meeka mentioned how she had to explain to her two daughters how the two of them were not the cause of the split but the blessing behind such a bad situation. Reports have not surfaced why the two of them are spliting but as soon as we know we will let you all know. Although without her going on Basketball Wives Ex's, Meeka will remain irrelevant until she does ANOTHER Instagram post. I'm just saying.

Photo Credit - Meeka Claxton Twitter