Y'all be pressed about getting Meek Mill in trouble don't you? According to sources the $750K lawsuit against Meek Mill has been dropped. Now back in 2012 Meek was arrested under false premises that he had drugs on him when he didn't. Now of course you know Meek was turnt up to the max and had to let the world know what the arresting officers did. Well from that point the arresting officer filed a lawsuit on Meek saying that it was hard for him to find work because of Meek's rant on social media about him. That went in one ear and out of the other to the judge that was over the case. According to sources because the officer failed to properly explain himself in his documents the judge dismissed the case. Now get off the "I'm trying to get Meek Mill to give up the money" train along with the rest of these law enforcers.

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