I am not certain who is worst, Hannibal, Mama Pope or Joseline Hernandez. According to reports after the massive fight at the LHHATL Reunion, Joseline bit a security guard and tore a piece of his flesh off. Becuase of that among other things that the Puerto Rican princess has done, cast memebers are talking to producers to get Joseline fired from the show. I don't think that firing her behind is a bad idea to be honest. She is a messy child and they are tired of it. Well you all know the altercations that Joseline started that Tuesday night; from Althea to Tammy and finally Mimi; chile when the security guard finally had Joseline away from all the drama she decided that she would get him too and tore his flesh away! Ummm. You one messy carnivore.

Photo Credit - Splash News