When I tell you everything went crazy on the taping of the LHHATL Reunion show the other night, that's exactly what I mean. According to sources things took a turn for the worst when Joseline started arguing with Tammy and then proceeded to get in her face. Oh you best believe Joseline got that tail stomped by Waka Flocka's mom Debra and Tammy. Despite her getting beat up by Tammy and Deb, Joseline still went back for Althea and Mimi later on. This is a mess. Apparently, with the Mimi vs. Joseline fight, Stevie J held down Mimi so that Joseline could punch her in the face!!! Now that is a damn shame! What type of father are you to play a part in someone beating up on the mother of your child? I know you are just like me, cannot wait to see the reunion for myself honey!


Photo Credit - Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Screenshot