Y'all know sooner or later Akon isn't going to have any money to pay you all back for anything. According to reports Akon is being slapped with another lawsuit! Damn! Akon only worth about a million dollars! The reports indicate that Akon was paid in advance by millionaire Patrick Grove to perform at his private birthday party but two days before the event Akon reps called and said that the rapper would be a no-show! Like normal people Grove filed a suit against Akon and the American Talent Agency saying that Akon needed to pay back the 125K advance. Of course Mr. I-Didn't-Do-AnythingWrong agency then filed a response saying that they didn't do anything wrong in the deal and that they did all the proper things right in this situation. Akon has yet to state anything public about the situation. Shame, shame. Y'all trying to take all Akon's $30 dollars.

Photo Credit - Getty