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______________________________Details Emerge___________________________

According to TMZ SportsCrusoe Gongbay was in the car  with two other men  when he allegedly kidnapped and raped a UNM student.



The woman claims that one of the men began to force her to perform oral sex on him and then undressed her. Next the woman claimed that the man  forced her to have sex with him. Moreover, she claims that the Gongbay then forced her to perform oral sex and began to rape her. Afterwards the driver dropped Gongbay and the first man off at a location. But before, the driver let the woman go, she claims he pulled out a gun on her and made her perform oral sex and raped her as well. She later went to the police to identify the three men.


Gongbay has been arrested for suspicion of rape and kidnap and suspended from the team.


According to ABC News, University of New Mexico running back Crusoe Gongbay, 20, has been charged with rape and suspended from the team.


Gongbay is accused of sexually assaulting a UNM student on April 13th. The victim contacted authorities around 3AM on April 13th claiming she was raped by Gongbay and two other men.


Moreover, the investigation is still processing and the results from the crime lab have not yet been revealed.


UNM head coach Bab Davie issued a statement, that he is aware of the allegations, and due to the serious nature of the charges the junior has been suspended indefinitely.