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 According to TMZ, Winston’s friend told police he witnessed the accuser performing oral sex and that she seemed “more than willing.” The witness also stated that the woman was not at all drunk when she left the bar. Moreover, investigators found DNA from multiple men.


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 According to CNN, quarterback Jameis Winston from Florida State University will not be charged in a rape investigation. 


The main factor of the accusers recollection of the case was that she accused Winston of raping her after she consumed several drinks with friends. Investigators said there were not any probable causes to arrest Winston, though the accusers family disagrees.  Moreover, Police documents state that the woman did not remember much but lying on the floor of the apartment where a man unclothed her and had sex with her despite her objections. Though, it is odd the woman came forward a month later after the incident and then "broke off contact" with investigators stating that she did not want to move further with the case.


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