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It looks like P.Diddy is trying to get in on the ownership of the Clippers after Donald Sterling was banned today after his racist comment. Diddy put a statement via twitter, check it out below. 



(UPDATE): Diddy isn't alone now, as both Oprah Winfrey, Magic John, AND Dr. Dre have expressed interest in purchasing the Clippers. ESPN reports that Winfrey, alongside business moguls David Geffen & Larry Ellison, will join together in a bid to buy the Clips pending the NBA's Board of Governors force Sterling to sell the team. Winfrey's role of the group would be more of the role as an investor, as opposed to managing tem operations. 

The Big O will apparently be facing competition from Dr. Dre, who also expressed interest in buying the Clips when TMZ caught up with him Tuesday. After being praised for being one of hip-hop's wealthiest moguls, Dre said he was "thinking about it," when asked if he'd be interested in buying the team Whether or not the Doc was serious when the persistent TMZ reporter asked him remains to be seen.

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