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According to BSO, Sharper's bail was set at $1 million in case of him allegedly raping two women. Morover, the judge puts him under numerous restrictions:

-  He is to remain in L.A.

- Surrender his passport.

- must stay away from nightclubs and bars or wherever alcohol is the primary item.

-And he cannot be alone with any women he did not know prior to October 30, 2013.                                        



  According to TMZ Sports, Daren Sharper apologized to the females in Arizona the morning after he allegedly raped her and her friend.

 The police report stated none of the women remember engaging in sex with Sharper but believe something happened because their genitals were sore.

 After one of the woman mentioned her suspicions to him he responded saying,

“I don’t really remember, I guess I could have done that, I’m really sorry.”


 Police tested a shot glass that the football player allegedly used and it tested positive for Ambien.



Things are not looking good for former NFL Safety Darren Sharper. After being arrested back in January on suspicion of rape while in California, ESPN reports that the LA County District Attorney's office has charged the former New Orleans Saint for drugging and raping two women. 

According to a statement released by the District Attorney's office, Sharper will be arraigned on one count of possession of a controlled substance, two counts of rape by use of drugs, and FOUR counts of furnishing a controlled substance. 

The incidents that landed Sharper in this current situation stem back to October of 2013, where Sharper met the two alleged victims at a West Hollywood nightclub.