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According to TMZ Sports, Ouma was also charged with cocaine possession stemming from the incident where he K.O'd a guy from allegedly coming on to him.


The L.A County District Attorney filed the charge on him today.




According to TMZ Sports, former Pro Boxer Kassim Ouma, 35,  was arrested for battery in L.A this past Friday after knocking out a man who allegedly made gay comments towards him.

Ouma told police he met a guy out in Hollywood and struck a conversation- and the two went back to the man’s home for drinks. While they were there, he claims the man was trying to make moves on him and Ouma allegedly declined the offer multiple times. When Ouma got up to leave the man made a final move and that’s when it escalated to Ouma knocking the guy out cold.  Cops were called to the scene, where the victim was treated and transported to a nearby hospital.


Ouma was immediately arrested for felony battery causing great bodily harm.