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The minor Leaguer who became an internet sensation after being hit in the face with a 90mph fastball tells sources that he is on a road to recovery thanks to a strict liquid diet.


TMZ Sports: What are you eating? 
DD2: "I'm drinking Muscle Milk. That's all I can really have right now. I'm gonna be sick of it in a couple days lol. I can eat real food whenever my teeth don't hurt to chew." 

TMZ Sports: Are you drinking out of a tube? 
DD2: "Nah, my mouth isn't sewed shut lol. I can drink out of a bottle, I just have to make sure it don't run out of my mouth lol." 

TMZ Sports: It's a terrible looking injury ... 
DD2: "Yeah, but I can look back at it and see how blessed I was that it wasn't worse, you know?" 

TMZ Sports: Were you scared your face was going to be permanently messed up? 
DD2: "I thought the nerves in my face were destroyed because my face was numb, but I'm getting feeling back so that's good." 

TMZ Sports: When will you play again? 
DD2: "I could've played the day after, but my team is being extra cautious. It will be a couple of weeks."


Check Out the video below.