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According to TMZ Sports, Charles Barkley made some offensive statements about the women in San Antonia and now the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance is now looking for a major apology from him.

 "Making slurs about body size is just as offensive as making comments about body color," spokesperson Peggy Howell tells TMZ Sports. 

"One would think being a black man, he'd be more sensitive to having his physical body criticized. It's totally out of line. He should absolutely apologize."

 The president of the Obesity Action Coalition is also issued a statement stating,


 "As a former NBA player and sports entertainment figure, Mr. Barkley should encourage equality and respect among society and not look to shame or segment one population because of their size."

"Obesity is a serious medical condition and not a joking matter."

 So far Barkley has not responded.

 Check out the video below.