There is immeasurable grief and shock after the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.  There's still much to know but one thing is clear.  The civilian airliner was blown out of the sky with a surface to air missile killing 298 souls.  While investigators sort out who is to blame (fingers are pointing to pro-Russian separatists) family and friends are struggling to come to grips with the enormity of the tragedy.

The international health community is also staggered by the loss of a number of their colleagues, including a highly respected AIDS researcher, who are believed to be amongst the passengers on the tragic flight. The victims were on their way to the International AIDS Conference that is scheduled to begin this weekend in Melbourne, Australia.

One of the victims is prominent Dutch scientist Joep Lange, a pioneer in HIV research and a former president of the International AIDS Society, which organizes the conference. His partner Jacqueline van Tongeren was also on the flight with him.

His friend and colleague Dr. Seema Yasmin posted this tweet.


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