Mayor Nutter took out the big scissors today to cut the ribbon at an exciting new place.  Literally -  the myPlace campus at Congreso de Latinos Unidos.  Sponsored by the Mayor's Commission on Literacy - it's a one stop shop where adults can improve basic literacy and work readiness skills.

Philadelphia has a huge challenge.  Not only thousands of adults who can't read at all but even more who live with a low level of literacy that shuts them out of good jobs. 

We know that adult literacy pays.  It means better job opportunities and that has a ripple effect.  More spending at local busineses.  Healthier, stable families and strong safe neighborhoods.  Reduced dependency on public assistance and economic growth for the entire city. 

Adult literacy also translates into  parents whose children will have a better chance at reading at grade level by third grade.  Those that don't  -may not make it through high school.

There are two additional myPlace campuses.  Find out more and share with friends and family you think could benefit by going to

Check out this video about the ribbon cutting and see how one woman's life has been transformed. She'll inspire you.


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