Very Wrong. Yep. Forget the preconceptions and stereotypes of Latino Culture.  The Latino LGBT organization GALAEI did a recent survey and  Director, Elicia Gonzales, finds hope in the findings targeting Latino individuals living in the North Philadelphia area. According to Gonzales, “When GALAEI completed the survey of community members in North Philadelphia, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that homophobia is no more relevant in that Latino community than in any other communities. That story is not being told. We continue to live under this false notion that stigma is rampant in our community." GALAEI kicked off their POSITIVO Campaign to offer positive portrayals of gay male Latinos and Lainos living with HIV/AIDs. I caught up with GALAEI at the recent Feria De Barrio Festival sponsored by Taller Puertorriqueño.



To find out more about POSITIVO click here. To here my radio interview with Elicia Gonzales from GALAEI click here.


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