If she doesn't make it as a recording artist Asia Sparks could always fall back on her freshly minted nursing degree.  Doubt she'll have to do that.  Asia is talented, articulate not to mention quite the hottie.  She opened for Power 99 FM’s Powerhouse last year. But of course – you know me… what interested me most is the big heart of this young performer.  She mentors kids through her program SPARKUP.  She has a strong sense of herself and decided to finish up her nursing degree because sometime in the future she just might start a medical day care for parents who have kids with special medical needs. 



As part of our Clear Channel Internship program we give our interns the opportunity to host a segment of one on my public affairs shows.  In this case Insight.  Temple U student Marc Gardner interviews Asia Sparks about all of the above and what it's like to re-define the role of women in male dominated field of Hip Hop.  Click here for the interview. 


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