When Andrea Lawful-Trainer read the story of 16 year old Darrin Manning on PhillyInFocus.com she thought - this can't be real.  Somebody must have misinterpreted what happened. According to accounts on that website and the Philadelphia Daily News,  Manning had to be rushed to the ER after his testicle was allegedly "popped" during a rough stop and frisk.  "My heart shattered into a million pieces as I read this story,"  Lawful-Trainer said. 

According to the Daily News,  Manning was among a group of student basketball players from Mathematics, Civics & Sciences Charter School who were heading to a game when they were stopped by Philadelphia police on the record cold day of January 7th.  Many ran but not Manning who questioned why he was being detained.  What happened next is the subject of an internal affairs investigation.  The police report said Manning fought with one of the officers.  Manning denies this and said he was cuffed, roughed up and during a pat-down a female officer pulled his genitals so hard one of his testicles ruptured.

As the story continues to unfold - Andrea flashed back to the case of her son who was stopped by police, cuffed in an encounter that resulted in a broken hand.  After a year of fighting for his innocence her son was exonerated.  Following the Manning incident she decided to channel her emotions into an article.  Andrea wrote about the burden many African American women feel who are raising sons and worry they will be stopped unjustly by police. Here's the link to her article.

Andrea Lawful-Trainer will be speaking along with many others at a town hall meeting this Tuesday at 7:30 pm at Catalyst for Change Ministries - 3727 Baring Street in Philadephia organized by Techbookonline.

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