When confidential police informant Bennie Martinez walked into the entrance of the Philadelphia Daily News with a story he wanted to tell - reporter Wendy Ruderman had no idea that first meeting would lead down a tangled path to uncover the biggest case of corruption in the history of the Philadelphia Police Department.  Ruderman along with fellow journalist Barbara Laker partnered to write a series that won a Pulitzer Prize and is now a gripping true crime page turner - Busted: A Tale of Corruption and Betrayal in the City of Brotherly Love.  Busted chronicles how these two journalists—both middle-class working mothers—formed an unlikely bond with a convicted street dealer to uncover the secrets of ruthless kingpins and dirty cops.

I interviewed Laker and Ruderman recently.  They're sharp and funny.  The stories they tell are gripping and show us why great investigative journalism matters.  Plus you'll hear about  the unusual, perfectly understandable and yet entirely gross way Ruderman celebrated when she and Laker found out they won the Pulitzer.  Follow me on Twitter @loraineballard