Yesterday was a truly fantastic day as I emceed a panel at the Beyond Sport Mayor's Reception at the Kimmel Center. Not only did I get to interview the very charming and down to earth Lavoy Allen, Temple Grad and Philadelphia ‘76er, I spoke to two very inspiring young people who were among the Beyond Sport Young Ambassadors who talked about how sport has influence their lives. Here's a behind the scenes look at one night of a remarkable series of days sponsored by the global organization Beyond Sport which promotes the use of sport for social change.



Finally - I couldn't end this blog without mentioning that 9/11 happens to be my birthday. For the longest time I couldn't bear to party on the day of that unthinkable tragedy. Of course over time my friends persuaded me that I have more reason than not to celebrate. As the days and years go by and we mourn the passing of friends and colleagues I’m reminded that no day is promised and that every year is worth marking and cherishing. So I will eat cake because there are no calories on your birthday and I will celebrate with all my sisters and brothers born on this day September 11th.