Know what?!  I love my Smith family.  All of them are great people, great actors and great role models for our youth but you have to admit seeing Willow Smith in bed with a 20 year old man gives me the creeps.  See she's only 13.  He's 20.  He use to be on "Hannah Montana".  He played Rico or whatever.  Now I certainly will not jump the gun here and say there is something going on between these two but it does look a little inappropriate to say the least!  This is wrong on many levels.  She's way too young to be that "up close and personal" with a 20 year old.  Let's be honest if that were your daughter??  Not sure how I would react if I came home to find my 13 year old daughter in bed with a 20 year old man..........might have to come bail me out...#rt. 

 If you are wondering why this is a big deal think about the fact that he would be breaking the law and I do not think I need to get into details on how he might be breaking the law I think you understand already.  BUT more then likely there will be people who feel there is nothing wrong with it so let's all click on the full story link on MTO and vote on the poll question(s) below.  Thanks and as always "Let Your Hater Be Your Motivator".  READ FULL STORY HERE BEFORE YOU VOTE TO GIVE AN HONEST AND EDUCATED ANSWER (AS IF)


Poll: Would you allow your daughter to be with 20 year old man?

PHOTO: Alisha The Intern/Power99fm