So here are some things I think about on my way to work.  All the talk about Nicki throwing shade towards Iggy Azalea's way got me thinking.  What if they both dropped a track and video together?  Why not?  I mean Chris and Drake ended their beef why not these two very talented women?  Take the poll question below and we can find out with you think too!

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Poll: Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea on a track together?
NEXT I was thinking if Jay Z is the Rapp King who would be his successor?  Jay Z is pushing 50 he might be ready to retire....LOL!  Just saying....right now he want to combat poverty.  I salute him for that.  What if he decided to retire from the Rapp game though.....who would you consider to be his successor?  Take the poll question below and we will all see how you feel! 
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Poll: Who would Jay Z pass the Rapp Torch?