Well okay the term some media outlets used was "forced to go back to work".  Not sure if that is exactly how I would put it but basically according to an article in Huffington Post Saturday Obama used his power as POTUS to order SEPTA workers back to work at 12:01AM today.  I'm not sure how he can do that but according to the article he can and he did.  Here's the thing though......the parties involved will get 30 days to tell the President how they will settle their dispute.  


     What do I think?  I'm surprised that it took the POTUS to have to come in and get these two sides to come to some agreement.  I also feel that the workers have rights too.  I also understand that the city without SEPTA would be a mess.  So it's a difficult situation for the people of Philadelphia to deal with.  Everyone has a good point.  I do not have more details at this time but will keep you posted.  Meanwhile take the poll question below and check out the full article by clicking the link.