It's being reported by In Touch Magazine that Kim is giving Kanye the boot.  Apparently Kanye has struck a "creative gold mine" and has been spending way too much time in the studio working on his new album.  He spends days away from her and the baby and Kim is done with it all.  According to the article which you cna read in it's entirety right here:

 I have friends and know many rappers and most seem to always have BMD...Baby Mama Drama!  What's next Kim going to show up at the studio with baby in arms, in her curlers yelling at Kanye all kinds of crazy??  LOL!  Ok maybe not but still they call Kanye a "musical genius" let the dude work his magic!  ITM is reporting that Kanye and Kim had a big blowout and the "magnificent one" stormed out and never came back.  He said " I need my space!".......ok.  Well what do you think?  Think Kimye are done?  Is this a plot to sell his new album?  Or just another plot for the TV show?  Take the poll question and tell us what YOU think.