So it's being reported by numerous media outlets including that Justin was recorded on video making a racist joke about black people.  He was 15 years old at the time so people are saying no harm no foul.  Some people even thought the joke was funny.  He was young but the joke was definitely in bad taste.  Joking about chasing a "n^&#$" down the street with a chain saw is not funny.  I will give Justin a pass because he was young and I think we all had jokes when we were young.  I would hope that now that he's older and hopefully wiser he will choose his jokes wisely especially now that he is a mega star of epic proportions.  Non the less I want to hear from the listeners.  Do you think he was out of pocket even at 15 or do you too think he was too young to know better?  Take the poll below...

Poll: Are you offended by Justin's joke?

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