Ok so I was checking out my FB feed and came across this story being reported by numerous outlets.  PerezHilton.com and In Touch Magazine.  Jay Z is cheating on Beyonce with old 'reality chick".  Rumors are buzzing like crazy because In Touch would not print this story if it wasn't true...right?  Well if it is true....WTH is wrong with Jay yoh!  Like really dude.  Is there really trouble in Paradise?  Are the King & Queen of Hip Hop and R&B heading for divorce court???  TO find out who the old 'reality chick" is check out the full story by hitting this link and please by all means take the poll question below.  Jay cheating on Bey or nah?  http://perezhilton.com/2014-06-09-jay-z-cheating-on-beyonce-with-casey-cohen-princess-long-island-rumors-intouch-weekly#.U5YXls0_MZA

Poll: Jay Z cheating on Bey or nah?

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