YOH!  First of all let me say that I was just as shocked as you will be when you watch the video.  It's being reported that she asked Jay if she could open up on the tour and he said "you have to learn how to sing first".  I understand her being insulted by that comment after all I think Solange is a great singer.  Loved her last album.  But this comment set off a flurry of swings, slaps, kicks and cusses.  First of all she goes at Jay Z a number of times.  Jay defended himself by pushing her hands away and allowing his security to keep her at bay (no punt intended).  2nd before you listen to reports that B did nothing even without audio you can clearly see B shake her head in disagreement when Solange was addressing her directly...the head shake and the head weaving a bit indicates a "don't even try it" look.  2nd and most importantly you wil notice B take a step forward the first time Solange came to close.  If you noticed once the body guard stepped away to hit the elevator button Solange will try to yet again get close to Jay but if you look carefully you will see B take a step in between Solange and Jay as to "protect her man".  Jay Z and Beyonce both acted with some class.  Jay at one point did bring his hand up as to tell her "I will smack you" but did not even attempt to hit her back in any way.  B stayed strong but quiet after all they are about to take a walk outside and in front of a million cameras which they did which brings me to my final point of the video....Jay Z left in a separate car to avoid further confrontation.  Smart man.  Props to Hove for that one.  WATCH THE VIDEO BY HITTING THE PAGE LINK TO TMZ then take the vote down below...Team Jay Z or Solange?

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