Drake drops a new record called "Days In The East".  Okay when I first heard it I thought "Drake sounds high yoh!".  He sounds like he was in the studio after a long night of dancing with Riri or a night of drinking his Jay Z problems away.....that is another story right there.  Drake vs. Jay Z....don't even sound right.  But back to this new track.  I had to listen to it a few times to actually kind of...hopefully get..where he's going with this one.  I hear some early Prince in there...especially the "telephone" type of vocal effect he uses on this track.  The line where he says he's talking to Erykah Badu about love is pretty picturesque.  (how you like that word?)  It does paint a picture though.  A big sister talking to little brother type of picture.  It also seems as though he's singing from a lonely place.  Almost like he's trapped in his success.  He would not be the first big artist to put out this type of deep emotional music.  Maybe he's going through some rough times.  Hey we all do.

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