So I'm reading through the online mags and came across this story inside about Drake making some really "questionable" commments about Kanye.  Most specifically he said that there were "questionable bars" on the Yeesus album.  (see the  Anyway......Drizzy did an interview for Rolling Stone which was already causing controversy when Drake tweeted some ill feelings toward RSM taking him off the cover and replacing him with Phillip Seymour Hoffman, the actor who recently died of a drug overdose.  (Check out more on that story by cliking this link.  I just read the quotes...smh.  Drake not only said that Kanye's bars were questionable he quoted one of Kanye's rhyme words and said "Fabolus wouldn't even use that"....wait did he just dis Fabo too?  Check out the full story here and RSM link




Poll: Did Drake dis Kanye?

What was Kanye's response?  He said "this is what media does try to put us against each other but not today.  We got love for Drake"....or something lke that.  I'm not one to copy and paste.  So yeah Kanye basically did not take the bait as he might call it.  But hey...wait a minute.  Drake made a very serious statement.  "Questionable bars" ?  Most MC's I talked to said it sounded like Drake is setting up Kanye for something..a battle or maybe there is something going on we are not aware of.  Wow.  Ok so if Drake is talking greasy by MC standards why is Knaye falling back.  Is Kanye scared to address Drake in that way.  Now I for one would rather see these dudes work togehter but let's be honest...those are some really hurtful words and I for one would have an issue.  Most Rappers I know see it as an issue.  As much as I hate to sound synical it seems like Kanye wants no part of Drake.  The reason I say that is because if that were anyone else Kanye would have already cussed they a#@ out by now......LOL!  Right?!  Ok but all jokes aside...both Kanye and Drake are amazing artists and I hope they continue to work together and bring us classic music.