Celebrities that have killed people.


1. Laura Bush - Ran stop sign and killed Michael Douglas, a close friend and class mate.


2. Ted Kennedy - Ran his car off a bridge.  He swam to safety unfortunately Mary Jo Kopche drowned.  He left the scene of the crime not reporting it for hours later.  He was later charged and pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident...??


3. Brandy - Involved in a freeway pile up failed to stop hitting another car killing Awutef Aboudihaj.


4. OJ Simpson...no need to get into this one.........#agreed.


5.  "Wire" actress Felicia Pearson was found guilty of murder at the age of 14 and served 6.5 years in prison.  Talk about gangsta!


6. Snoop Dogg - Snoop and his body guard were charged in a killing and he was charged but beat the case. 


Check out more celebrities that have killed people. Click on the link...you will be shocked...I know I was!  WOW!