So I read an article this morning on about Nicki Minaj.  She wants her next album the "Pink Print" to be a classic album.  I thought Nicki already had some classic joints especially her first record "I Get Crazy" or how about "Starships" or "Moment For Life"?  I think those may be considered classic records but I'm sure some would debate that especially the Nicki critics.  Some were not too impressed with Nicki's lyrical and musical stylings.  The Pink Lady plans on changing their minds with what she hopes will be a classic album entitled The Pink Print.  


   The title The Pink Print album is obviously playing off of Hova's classic LP The Blue Print.  What makes this album so important?  The obvious Nicki is a woman.  Can a woman reach the same classic status as a Jay Z, a Biggie a Tu Pac a Big Pun...I can go on.  When we think of women in rapp we think of Lil Kim, Salt n Pepa, Lauren Hill, MC Lyte..atleast I do.  These women have all dropped classic albums and classic songs we still here and play today.  What makes Nicki different?  I think it's the fact that we haven't had a female donminate the rapp game the way she has.  She can go with some of the biggest male names in Hip Hop.  You heard her murder tracks with Drake, Kanye, Lil Wayne just to name a few.  She holds her own like no other female has ever in Hip Hop.  TV, Music, Fashion, Make Up etc.  Nicki is and will go down in Hip Hop history as classic.  I know how you guys can be very picky about your Hip hop especially when we start talking classic but take a minute to take the poll and voice your opinion.  What do you think?  Can Nicki drop a classic album? 



Poll: Nicki Minaj's new LP a classic?