Man listen I hope these two work it out.  It all came to light in a report from In Touch.....B wants out.  I also found this report on Hollywood Life According to In Touch a few other publications Beyonce is done with the cheating.  WAIT!  Jay Z cheating on Beyonce?!  That sounds crazy....right?  Like why would you cheat on the woman they consider to be American Royalty?  She's beautiful, independent, wealthy......well that;s all I know.  Let;s be honest we do not know what B is like for real we are not with her or know her personally nut still tho...smh. let;s assume that Jay is just doing what a man do but it's still sounds crazy to me.  Do you think these two should call it quits or try to work it out?  I think....or should I say I hope they do.  They make a very strong African American couple who have millions of fans and people who look up to them...and that is real.  Take the poll question...what do you think? Should they break up? 

Poll: Think Jay and Bey are done or nah?