Huffington Post is reporting that Barney's canceled the launch scheduled for Wednesday in NYC.  Barney's released a statement saying "due to unforeseen circumstances the event has been canceled".  Yeah like the unforeseen bad press about the racial profiling allegations against Barney's.  Jay Z has a new line will launch as planned called sans soiree' (?).  Anyway the way I see it.  It seems as though whatever the allegations are seem to be bothering alot of people.  Jay has said he would continue working with Barney's on his community projects and his new line while the investigation into Barney's continues.  Do you think Jay should sever his ties with Barney's now or wait until the investigation is over?  Take the poll below and let us know what you think.  I will give out the results this Saturday 2pm to 6pm.  Read the full story here:


Poll: Should Jay "Drop" Barney's?