Woman Arrested After Leaving Paralyzed Husband To Starve And Be Eaten Alive By Maggots Til' death do us part, right? Well this woman didn't live by her vows after she inexplicably left her paraplegic husband to literally rot away. Dormanicia Lawson was charged with homicide in California after her husband died in a local hospital. Doctors found him covered in bed sores and maggots. According to them, he had to be left uncared for for an extended period of time. He was starving and dehydrated even at the time when Lawson called paramedics to their home after he couldn't breathe. According to reports, the home was desolate and infested with rodents and roaches. She is now facing just four years in jail after she agreed to plead guilty to abusing her husband. Lawson was also convicted of two abuse counts related to her children last month. As the abuse charges are not classed as violent offenses, she could be eligible for release in just two years. Lawson was arrested after doctors and nurses treating her husband discovered maggots eating his body and infected bed sores. ‘You would think he was a corpse just by the way he looked,’ Corporal Christopher Blakely, Concord police spokesperson, told PEOPLE at the time. ‘It was horrific. … (It was) the most severe case of neglect that I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been an officer here for 10 years. -(Bossip) Get this lady all the way outta here.


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