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T.I. doesn’t take full credit in reuniting Rick Ross and Young Jeezy, but does say he played a role in the collaboration happening he tells MTV.

“I ain’t gonna say I brokered peace and got them in the studio,” T.I. says during the interview. “One of my closest partners in the game, man —Young Jeezy— I simply said to him, ‘We done did as much as we can do with this. It’s gone as far as we can take it, ain’t nothing else to do if it ain’t nothing that can’t be talked about, that hasn’t gone so far that a (explicit) can’t come back what the we do, man. Get money.' War costs money.”

Rick Ross and Jeezy collaborated on the recently released "War Ready," a selection off Ross' upcoming Mastermind album, a collaboration that followed a feud between the two rappers. A rift between Jeezy and Ross dates back to at least 2010. In 2012, the two were involved in a scuffle.