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If you don't know, New York artist and fashion designer Slowbucks was beaten up and robbed on stage at Hot 97's Summer Jam concert in front of over 50,000 people. Slowbucks has had a long-lasting beef with 50 Cent and this incident took place behind 50 during his performance. Slowbucks, who lost his chain in the scuffle, had posted a picture to Instagram with 50's estranged son. 50 commented on the picture saying it was a "bad idea" and then a day later this happens. Many people who were there and watching online suspected 50 was the mastermind behind the robbery. Slowbucks thinks this too, because he has recruited a Civil Investigator to investigate 50 Cent and his possible involvement in the incident. They claim that 50 did this in order to hurt the business of the clothing line that Slowbucks has. It is not yet known how much money Slowbucks is seeking from 50, but it is expected to be a substantial amount. He held a press conference with his investigator, which can be seen below!