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50 Cent’s out for blood as of late, first beefing with his former associate, and this time he’s starting stuff with Rick Ross…AGAIN. He publicly insinuated Rick Ross and Diddy were “more than friends” after he posted a photo on IG. According to TMZ, sources close to Ross say this time their will be NO response.

Sources claim for one reason, he doesn’t care about 50 or anything he says, because he thinks 50 is irrelevant. 50 briefly posted a pic on Sunday showing Ross leaning in close to Diddy like they were about to kiss, and then another one of Diddy and with Steve Stoute holding around his shoulder. He posted a caption that read, ‘something ain’t right’. The implications are clear, but 50 removed the photo shortly after. Check the photo out below via 50 Cent's IG.  

In our poll, does 50 Cent still have the power and voice to be talking ish on someone, or do you think Ross SHOULD respond?! Let us know below!

Poll: Does 50 Cent Have The Power To Be Still Acting Reckless In 2014?