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Rick Ross is making his media rounds for the release of his new album Mastermind. While speaking with RapFix on MTV, Ross spoke on his past as a correctional officer. Now this is something that has haunted Ross'  for years now since the photo hit the net. At first, Ross claimed it was a fake photo and “online hackers” placed his face on another mans’ body. Eventually his past as a CO was verified by Rozay.

"Feds tore the crew apart," Ross raps on the "Rich Is Gangsta." "That's why I had to play my part, n**** / That wasn't me, it was just a job, n****."

"That particular line most definitely referred to me being a CO," Ross says in the recent interview. "I wouldn't change nothing 'cause to me it's about who Rozay is," Ross says. "It's about me. Anywhere I go, when I step in the room, I put it down. People know it's authentic right here. They know it's real. So it was nothing that I was personally threatened with. I was just ready to move on. Let's go get this money. Let's make this music.

"And right now, to feed my family, I'd do it again," Ross continues. "To feed my kids, I'd go get it. We gon' get it. My whole team gon' go get it. We gon' win. And that's with everything we ever did. I been winning, though."

I feel that people could respect that answer from Ross if he would of came out saying that from the start. People respect doing things for your family, and hip hop never respects those who hide from their past. In our Power Poll of the night, we want to know if he would of just came clean with this same answer when the photo leaked years ago, would you have looked at him in a different light for being a CO? Let us know below!

Poll: If Ross would of gave this answer the first time, would this change your perception?