Photo: Rolling Stone

It has been quite a year for the new comer Macklemore. He had #1 hits and a #1 album. However, there has been a stir concerning his nominations for the Grammys. He has a commanding 7 nominations including Best Rap Album and Album of the Year. He has already admitted that if he wins the Best Rap Album, he will give the award to Kendrick Lamar, who he feels deserves it. 

According to an AP report, the committee in charge of nominating hip-hop categories called for Macklemore to be removed from their genre. They felt as though he is geared more towards Pop than Rap and that because of his popularity, he will take away from the "real" Rap artists in the awards. The Grammy committee as a whole got together and decided that Macklemore will remain in the categories he is nominated.

Do you think Macklemore is hip-hop? Let me know in the poll below.

Poll: Is Macklemore Hip-Hop?