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You probably have heard Nicki Minaj's song "Looking A** N***as" by now. When Nicki first released the song, she used a picture of Malcolm X as the single's cover art. Malcolm X's daughter, Ilyasah Shabazz replied to Nicki's cover by calling it "disrespectful". Shabazz went on to say that "Ms. Minaj's artwork for her single does not depict the truth of Malcolm X's legacy".

Last night, Nicki released another single, called "Chi-raq" (listen here), that people expect to be from her next album. In the song, she addresses Shabazz by saying "Malcolm X daughter came at me/Looking a** n***as ain't happy". Do you think Nicki was disrespectful?? Let me know!

Poll: Was Nicki Minaj Disrespectful?