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Memphis Bleek recently opened up in an interview and discussed his perspective on the shoutout he received in the song “Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix) in 2005.

"Bleek could be one hit away his whole career," Jay Z raps on the track. "As long as he's alive, he's a millionaire / And even if I die, he's in my will somewhere / So he can just kick back and chill somewhere / Oh yeah, he don't even have to write rhymes." 

"I don't like that line 'cause that line put a stamp on my career," Memphis Bleek says in an interview with This Is 50. "I feel people look at me as if Jay is just taking care of me. That line was basically, I guess, in his mind, a shoutout. But people take it literally and serious, like I'm just chilling somewhere [like] I'm not working. As you see, I'm here. I gotta work."

He continues to say that he knows Jay got him if ever need be, but is concerned about what his son thinks. “That's my guy...[But] my son don't wanna hear Hov got us. He wants to know dad got us...Dad got it...He wanna be at dad's tours. He don't wanna be at Hov's tours. He wanna be at dad's tours.