Photo Credit: Getty Images

Yes, we are aware Justin Bieber isn’t hip hop, but he’s definitely entertaining as of late, and for all the wrong reasons. This time the pop sensation was in court to give his deposition for his security guard who allegedly attacked a photographer. Bieber displays all his terrible traits all in one sitting; arrogant, lovesick, and contentious.

According to TMZwhen asked if Usher discovered him, Bieber disses his mentor and says he was actually discovered on YouTube.  The best/worst part ... he clearly was trying to say he himself was instrumental in his success, but instead he says, "I was DETRIMENTAL to my own career."

I don’t know if anyone could of voiced that any better. I think he was trying to do his best Lil Wayne impersonation during the deposition. Check out some of the clips of the Biebs in court acting a fool below.