Photo Credit: Splash News

Over the past 2 summers, Philadelphia has been the center of the music world for at least one weekend out of the year. Budweiser and Jay-Z brought the mega festival that is Made In America to Philly with intentions to make it a staple in American culture. Sadly, it looks like Philly may have seen the last of the festival after rumors leaked about Jay-Z's proposal to move the festival to a different city. If you were thinking it was going to be somewhere at least close, you're wrong! Out of all places, Hov is trying to move the festival to Los Angeles and was damn near close. The festival was approved by Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti, but blocked by the district councilman who would be affected by the festival. He says that the street closures and overall clutter would be a nightmare for his district, so for now, the event is on hold. Hopefully, they just come back to where they belong!