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During a performance at the Converse Rubber Tracks show in New York City, Atlanta rapper Trinidad James didn’t hesitate in sharing his opinion on the city’s place in today’s Hip Hop. The “All Gold Everything” creator even went on to state that the South runs New York City musically and rappers in the area might as well claim the city of Atlanta as their hometown. See the full video here!

*UPDATE* Well NY rapper Maino took what James had to say very personally and attacked the rapper via twitter. According to hiphopdx, to sum it up in a clean version for the kids, Maino told Trinidad James that he and his NY rappers/ people would see him on the streets. And continued to poke fun at Trinadad James messed up teeth. See the tweets here.

In YOUR OPINION, which coast right now is running hip hop in 2013? Voice your opinion below!

Poll: Which Coast Runs Hip Hop Right Now In Your Opinion