Photo Credit: Getty Images

Kanye West ranted and ranted and ranted about issues with Nike, and his solution? Sign a major deal with one of their biggest competitors. The Yeezy’s were a major staple for Nike, so they decide to go out and sign Ye’s biggest competitor, Drake. Drake teased OVO Jordans on his Instagram, and today the Jordan brand made it official.

Not only is their one-upmanship between arguably the two biggest acts in hip hop, you can see now where powerful brands are now using rappers to endorse their product, because since Jordan, what athlete has truly been able to carry a shoe brand on his own. You can argue Lebron, but he still isn’t on Jordans level.

Complex magazine adds, “The pressure for these partnerships to succeed is at an all-time high, and with Drake and Kanye, everything that releases with their respective names attached will come under extra scrutiny. Which is how it should be. And considering the creative powers that both of them have (just look at the stage designs on their current tours), maybe in the end this will simply mean better product for all of us. Let's hope.”

What do you think of these new strategies being taken by major brands and corporations using artists over athletes? Check the photo Drake gave out last night below.