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It seems Drake and Rihanna are once again are “taken care” of each other once again. After hitting the stage together in Europe a few weeks back, the rumors once again started swirling about the two, which in my opinion, is a little premature just because they hit the stage together. But now TMZ, (of course) is supplying some more footage that their reporting may be more than just rumors.

After Drake performed Tuesday night in England, the two got caught walking down the street and holding hands, their first “real romantic” shot as of late. They went to a bowling alley after and stayed till 4 am and supposedly rented out the entire place.

We were talking in the studio and wanted to see what the people thought.

If they are really back together, do you think Drake & Rhianna actually could succeed as a couple with the magnitude of their fame and popularity in the public eye? Take our poll and let us know. 

Poll: Can Rihanna and Drake actually work as a couple?