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Any relationship has its up and downs, but only imagine your significant other being DMX. His on and off again wife of 25 years sat down and recapped her many erratic moments that she had seen over the years. She recapped one story in particular that caught my attention.

A blurb taken from XXL, Simmons tell's the story, “(I) went to the hotel to retrieve X as nobody had heard from him for several days and scheduled obligations were approaching.” She continued, “As the two finally convinced him to come home, the rapper, who had been taking several substances at the time unknowingly shot his manager as the group was exiting the hotel. Detailing the lengthy escape, Tashera was certain that only God could have saved them that night.”

We all make mistakes when we feeling some type of way, hopefully X can get everything together in 2013 and get his personal affairs in order. You can view the full interview here.