Did Aaron Hernandez Kill Himself So His Wife & Daughter Could Get Millions From Patriots?

The suicide of Aaron Hernandez has been dominating headlines since the news broke yesterday.

After being acquitted for a double murder and appealing the murder he was serving life for, it didn't seem to make much sense for him to do what he did right now. Conspiracy theorists have been all over the internet adding their two cents as to why he might have committed suicide.

“At the time of his original arrest in the Odin Lloyd case, my understanding was that there was a $3.5 million bonus that we’ve made a subject of an action in the Superior Court,” Kennedy said. “We got a commitment from the Patriots that before any of that payment would be made they would notify the court to give us a chance to deal with that.”Hernandez was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Lloyd. Because he was in the process of appealing the conviction at the time of his death, Massachusetts state law says the conviction gets vacated. -(NY Daily News)

Do you think this has any truth to it??