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Just a few months out of the joint, Breezy may be going back behind bars, according to HipHop DX. Chris Brown may face up to four years in jail after his defense team and prosecutors failed to reach an agreement on a plea deal for an incident that happened back in October.

Brown is going on trial for assault when he was reportedly approached by two girls outside of a D.C. hotel to take a picture with him. When two guys tried to photobomb the picture, Brown supposedly called one of them a gay slur before throwing a punch. The incident could be viewed as a probation violation.

Prosecutors in the case say that their team offered him a deal where he would plead guilty simple assault and serve a little time, but the whole deal fell through because, "They wanted him to read from a script that wasn't true," according to Brown's attorney Mark Geragos. The trial date is set for September 8.