Photo Credit: Splash News


Getting evicted can be added to the list of things that Chief Keef don’t like, according to HipHop Dx. Apparently, this morning the Chi-town rapper was evicted from his suburban Lake County, Illinois mansion this morning, June 10. Sources say that the rapper was behind $30,000 in rent.

Keef’s former landlord, Bal K. Bansal, says that the rapper was actually a good tenant and says, “This is mutual. This is not an eviction.” That feeling may be a one way street, as residents of the neighbor felt the exact opposite.

“It’s been horrible,” neighbors say, “They were certainly not good tenants.” And this isn’t the first time Keef’s been in hot water over unpaid rent, just last September he was sued for 10 grand in back rent by his landlord for the months of July and August.